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2019 Resolution

I came across this post on a Friday morning and find it very inspirational. Just wanted to share it with everyone. Take this as an opportunity to rewire your brain on the fear of rejection by reading this very inspirational post.
We are always looking out for recognition and approval by doing what is right. We have been taught and conditioned to avoid doing the wrong things since young. And along the way, we became fearful of rejection. And this fear becomes much worse with perfectionists.
I must admit that I used to be a perfectionist. But the entrepreneurial journey has scrubbed me up with reality. I have had a couple of rejections which I took quite personally, but reading this post really helped me a lot. It’s like someone turned on the light bulb and I can now see why I needed those rejections. They are all part of the journey growing up.
So in the spirit of sharing, I’ve decided to share it with the people around me, which is you. So do take a look and have a read even if you are not an entrepreneur. As I believe that this would apply to all areas of our lives. Hopefully, it’ll give you a dose of positivity on a beautiful Friday morning at the start of the year…and that it will last throughout the year. Here’s the link again:
Get inspired today!

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