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384 days later…

It’s been 384 days since I left the corporate world. From a full-time employee to an entrepreneur. I must admit that it’s undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have ever made. During this time, I have completed my MBA programme (now waiting for the official graduation ceremony) and I have serviced about 30 clients all on my own. I will be moving to my new humble abode in a couple of months, which will house my humble home office. 2019 is a very exciting year for me, and I just cannot wait for things to unfold!

Through the 384 days, there have been some highs and lows, but on the whole, it’s been nothing short of positive! I have expanded my network by three-folds and I’ve received more appreciation than I’ve ever had over my 15-year-career. I am amazed at how simple things can actually be when you are working on your own. Instead of being reprimanded and being stressed out about not performing, while reporting to conflicting bosses, I now only have 1 focus, and that is to please my client. And let me tell you, it’s way easier to impress your clients than to impress a boss. Then again, maybe I’ve had very tough bosses, which in turn makes impressing clients much easier. So thank you ex-bosses!

I enjoy the fact that I can share what I truly think how a copy should go and I am a lot more confident presenting my ideas. I no longer have to be afraid of getting shot down regardless of how good an idea is. In the business world, there are a lot more opportunities to learn and grow than I could have imagined.

But perhaps the best feeling of it all was to have the liberty to make my own decision where there is no one to blame but myself. If I have made a wrong business decision, then I just need to acknowledge the mistake, learn the lesson and move on. Gone are the days of having to think of tonnes of excuses to justify why I have done something wrong.

I also get to dictate my own time, and I have learned the power of saying NO. No to inefficiencies, no to ridicule, no to unreasonable expectations, and no to things that do not make sense. I have much better use of my time now. I spend time on things that are important to me, and I am much happier because of that.

I have been very lucky, and I am forever grateful to my family and friends who are ever so supportive, and the universe for aligning everything in place. I am counting my blessings every day before I go to bed and I am confident that it will get even better with time.

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