Kampung Chicken

I’ve gone on a local road trip recently with a group of friends that I’ve known the past few years. Except for one whom I’ve known for more than a decade. I’ve lost touch with her for a while in between, but we’ve reconnected the past couple of years. It was during the trip that I found out she has stopped consuming chicken due to some hormonal issues she has had. Well, not unless the chicken is REALLY special, or certified to be hormone free.
And that reminded me that I bought a locally grown kampung chicken from my longtime trusted supplier – Fruity Wonders some time ago. I happened to visit Connie and Natalie with my Queen of the House. The Queen saw the chicken and asked about it out of curiosity. That’s when we were told that the chicken was truly farm-raised ala kampung style. These are Holland chickens and they were bred in a pretty sizeable area (three acres to be exact) where they get to run about. The sort of food the chickens are fed – grass, insects and worms, sourced directly from Mother Nature.
The chickens are harvested only after a minimum of 100 days to ensure that the chicken is matured with good quality poultry. I’m sure all those running in the 3-acre farm helps with building the muscles too.
With that, we were sold. We went home with the chicken and made soup with it (anything soupy is my kind of food). The outcomes are shown in the pictures below:

And the verdict of the soup and the chicken are:

  • The soup is less oily than normal chicken that the Queen buys from the market
  • The soup is sweet and has a nice meaty fragrant to it
  • The meat is lean, firm, fleshy and succulent. It gives you great satisfaction by taking a bite from it!
  • The texture is different from the normal chicken that I’ve eaten. Sometimes when the chicken is not properly prepared, it leaves a weird tarty freezer taste in your mouth. But this chicken does not. In fact, it tasted fresh despite it being frozen when we bought it.

From then on, all hail kampung chicken!

Fruity Wonders enters a new market!

I’m terrible at keeping my blog alive. I know my blog post isn’t the most consistent, but I am trying. I believe in quality posts rather than just posting for the sake of posting as that means posting about anything and everything. I want my posts to be practical and informative. It is never about selling, but it is about sharing what I learn along the way in my daily life.

So here it goes.

Remember the lovely ladies, Connie and Natalie, who sell fresh and high quality imported fruits? Well, they have expanded to other items such as veg, fish and chicken too!

I am a big fan of fish. I take almost all types of fish with some minor exceptions – such as kembong, keli, and anything that’s too funky. :s
In their weekly promotion list, I noticed that they have included tilapia fish (非洲鱼🐟) and that naturally caught my attention. I mean – selling fish under Fruity Wonders makes one go hmmm… Anyway, I thought I would give it a go based on the wonderful experience of dealing with these ladies.
For those who don’t know me well – I know how to eat but I don’t know how to cook :p. So, I had to check with the Queen of the House on whether she is happy to cook it. And when the answer was yes, I was literally jumping with joy!

Before I made the purchase, I did a bit of digging from the supplier and asked Ms Connie where were the fishes from and how they were farmed. I’m happy to note that they were farmed locally in pristine waters with clean water supply. An aquaponic system was installed to further remove nitrate, nitrite and ammonia from the water supply too. This provided a healthy balance of water PH and the plants provided extra unique flavours to the fish and its texture.

The fishes are fed with marine pellets (aka animal protein) and plant protein to enhance their sweetness and remove the fishy smell from their bellies. The fishes are also given time to grow up to 7 months before harvesting to ensure that the flesh is meaty and firm. Unlike some of the fishes that we order at the restaurant, either they are too old (tough chewy flesh) or they are too small (light cottony flesh).

I was sold when Connie mentioned that the belly of the fish doesn’t smell. I happily got the fish and went home with my mum. Next, comes the cooking and here are some of the photos that I snapped while the Queen was doing the preparation.

And here are some of the photos of the finished product:

My verdict? The fish was fresh and naturally sweet. The flesh was firm and fleshy, and it does not have any odd smell like what you would normally get in the Chinese restaurants around town. Now, I normally do not eat the belly as it was never properly cleaned, also because of the pungent fishy smell that comes with it. I know what some of you are thinking – that’s THE BEST part! But, this only proves that one man’s meat is another man’s poison indeed. It is worthy to note that the fish belly was nicely cleaned and does not have any of those yucky smell (Queen of the House was very happy with that). It’s the first time that I’ve tasted what a fish belly is supposed to be like, and it’s amazing! So, to all those who love the belly, ok, I admit, I now know what you guys meant when you said it was the BEST part.


So if you are looking for some nice fresh fish, please go contact the wonderful ladies from Fruity Wonders.

My quest on being healthy – Fruity Wonders

Fruity Wonders exposes you to the fruits of the world
In my last full-time job, I interacted with health professionals daily. Doctors, Pharmacists, Nutritionists, Scientists, etc. And I became even more conscious about health. I started reading a lot more about how the things that we use and eat daily affect our health over time. Thus, begin my quest for searching for products and food that are healthier and cleaner.
In the next few posts, I will be sharing some of the products or items that I have found, consumed, and would like to recommend. Go on and read a little about it if you too are looking at changing to a healthier option.
I found this group buy call Fruity Wonders on Facebook and I simply love buying from them! Their fruits are fresh, and they do a good job with their quality control. I started out trying some simple fruits from them but ended up getting more and more. I even spread the news among my colleagues back then so that we buy in bulk to enjoy the free delivery! It was through them that I am now exposed to imported fruits that are fresh and of high quality: – Avocados (my favourite!), Spain donut peach, Turkey figs, US grapes and a whole lot more. If the items are not fresh, they will not sell it. They will call up the customers and explain that to them. I don’t know about you, but I totally dig that! I am happy to know that my seller has a strict QC procedure and I can buy from her without worries.

Photos credit to Fruity Wonders.
So, if you are looking at buying fresh fruits, or would like to try some high quality imported fruits, please do not hesitate to contact either Connie or Natalie from their Facebook page here.
Disclaimer: Sorry guys, it’s for those within the Klang Valley, Malaysia only for now.