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Fruity Wonders exposes you to the fruits of the world
In my last full-time job, I interacted with health professionals daily. Doctors, Pharmacists, Nutritionists, Scientists, etc. And I became even more conscious about health. I started reading a lot more about how the things that we use and eat daily affect our health over time. Thus, begin my quest for searching for products and food that are healthier and cleaner.
In the next few posts, I will be sharing some of the products or items that I have found, consumed, and would like to recommend. Go on and read a little about it if you too are looking at changing to a healthier option.
I found this group buy call Fruity Wonders on Facebook and I simply love buying from them! Their fruits are fresh, and they do a good job with their quality control. I started out trying some simple fruits from them but ended up getting more and more. I even spread the news among my colleagues back then so that we buy in bulk to enjoy the free delivery! It was through them that I am now exposed to imported fruits that are fresh and of high quality: – Avocados (my favourite!), Spain donut peach, Turkey figs, US grapes and a whole lot more. If the items are not fresh, they will not sell it. They will call up the customers and explain that to them. I don’t know about you, but I totally dig that! I am happy to know that my seller has a strict QC procedure and I can buy from her without worries.

Photos credit to Fruity Wonders.
So, if you are looking at buying fresh fruits, or would like to try some high quality imported fruits, please do not hesitate to contact either Connie or Natalie from their Facebook page here.
Disclaimer: Sorry guys, it’s for those within the Klang Valley, Malaysia only for now.

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