Hobbies and Interest Jewellery Making

My hobbies and interest

Storytelling fulfills my passion and love for words and languages, but it does not satisfy the kinesthetic creature in me. So aside from writing, I dabble in quite a number of things that require me to use my hands, when I can touch and sense.
One of it is through jewellery making. I am very happy to have come in contact with the Founder of Angie Jewels & Co. a few years ago and I’ve been getting my training under Angie herself since.
I started dabbling with jewellery making with the aim of training my patience. And I thought, there’s no better way to start that by doing something small and potentially frustrating repetitively. So I started searching for jewellery making over the internet. That’s how I found out about Angie.
In I went with faith, and little did I know that I would soon develop a passion for it. What I thought would be frustrating has, in fact, turned out to be extremely enjoyable. From a tray of single small beads that are dauntingly colourful, I slowly string and weave them together to form a piece of jewellery that I am proud to call my own work. The process is equivalent to crafting a beautiful layer cake that wows everyone. It is a kind of satisfaction that only the baker or an artist will understand and appreciate.
Here’s a photo of my very first set of jewellery, completely handmade by yours truly
Pearl Bracelet and Earrings
Stay tuned for more as I reveal in later posts on the projects that I’ve completed over the duration of the jewellery making course.