Giving thanks…

Today is the 11th day since I’ve started working independently without a fulltime job. I’ve decided to take the leap of faith of going independent without a day job, after working for 14 years in the corporate world and boy, it was scary and exciting at the same time!
I have so much to be thankful for because life has been quite fun yet challenging for the past 11 days. I have been given some opportunities to try writing something new, I’ve been referred to by friends and family who believed in my ability, I’ve been supported by friends who asked me to charge them for helping them out with some writing and editing, I’m seeing many different sites, links and groups where I could potentially be getting some work from. I really am thankful for all these blessings that the Universe has showered me with as it kept my positive energy up all the time!
Although I could have been wallowing in the negative thoughts and getting worried about where and when is my next paycheck coming in, I chose to stick with the positives, and the Universe is rewarding me with more as I wake up every day to even more positive news. I have had doubts, with some negatives popping up every now and then, but I chose to squash them by thinking happy thoughts and focusing on the little victories that I gained every single day. It requires a conscious and constant effort, but it’s working for me as I’m so much more positive and happier, and I just can’t wait to see what other positivity this will bring.
In the course of looking for more positivity, I came across this video and I think it is a great one to share – it is HARD WORK trying to change from negative to positive thinking, but if we do not consciously train ourselves to do it, then how are we going to get there?

Share your thoughts on how you get yourself unstuck from the negativity in the comments below.

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